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iBLUE - Investing in sustainable blue growth and competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business Model (3-PBM)

  • Titolo: iBLUE - Investing in sustainable blue growth and competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business Model (3-PBM)
  • Ruolo: Responsabile di Progetto
  • Anno: 2015
  • Bando o Programma di Finanziamento: Nessuna
  • Ente Erogatore: Interreg Mediterranean - Maregion Sud France
  • Descrizione Progetto: Med Area is a key source of jobs and growth (52% of the population deals with it).
    Yachting sector is economically attractive: it has the highest revenue multiplier and employment rate of the maritime cluster (shipbuilding, nautical services and maritime tourism). A balance must be found between economic development and sustainability, for an equitable resource’s exploitation.
    iBLUE (Investing in sustainable blue growth and competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business Model 3-PBM) took place in the core areas of the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece and Cyprus). Yachting sector SMEs (manufacture, infrastructure, service) were the main target group. MED SMEs need to innovate in a sustainable way, considering the economic, the social and the environmental perspectives. This means to be more aware of their business and improve the competitiveness.
    We performed 3 activities (Studying, Testing and Transferring) to design the 3-PBM methodology on yachting sector and its sustainability (economic, social and environmental). The triple scope was to: raise SMEs' awareness on their business model; bring out the consciousness on their capabilities; enhance the involvement of policy makers.
    Starting from a current state analysis, we matched results from both the scientific literature and case studies in 9 countries. “Studying” included: a questionnaire and semi-structured interviews to 54 SMEs to reach the current state; best practices collection, based on the 3 pillars of sustainability; tools to conduct pilot actions.
    “Testing” consisted in piloting the 3-PBM Methodology within 9 SMEs as business case studies. 3 to 5 meetings were organized with each SME. The scope was to prove the 3-PBM methodology efficacy and usefulness.
    Finally, “Transferring” focused on spreading knowledge through training actions to: enhance the awareness on yachting sector innovation; create a MED network; foster new governance approaches on sustainability led by policy makers.
    Since the beginning, we planned 42 targeted events: 9 local project presentations; 6 thematic seminars on MED challenges; 9 local 3-PBM methodology presentations; 18 methodology training sessions (9 theoretical and 9 practical).
    iBLUE reached an audience of 60.253 people: 18 Business Support Organisations, 51 Higher education and research, 227 SMEs; 17 Regional public authorities; 22 Sectoral agencies, 31.938 other organisations and 27.980 citizens.
    The Consortium members were:
    ITALY: University of Udine, Polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture (LP)
    CROATIA: STEP RI, Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka Ltd (PP1)
    FRANCE: KEDGE, Groupe Kedge Business School (PP2)
    SPAIN: Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville (PP3)
    CYPRUS: Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PP4)
    GREECE: Lasithi Chamber of Commerce (PP5)
    SLOVENIA: University of Primorska Faculty of Management (PP6)
    PORTUGAL: RCDI, Development and Innovation Network (PP7)
    ALBANIA: Durres Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PP8)
    Coastal regions are home to 214 million people by generating 43% of EU GDP. Blue economy is a growing sector and it is represented mainly by SMEs. The sustainable capability to generate profits is a very discussed topic. That’s why iBLUE aimed to reach common needs, focusing on the yachting sector by providing a business model methodology through the 3 pillars of sustainability (economic, social and environmental). iBLUE enforced the neighboured cohesion in the MED Sea by involving 9 Countries and developing a common approach. Considering that SMEs are the 99% of the European business network, the 3-PBM methodology is transferable in any kind of sector.
  • Area: Cooperazione (internazionale, territoriale, per lo sviluppo, ecc.)
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  • Curriculum Vitae
    • Nome: Elisabetta Ocello
    • Data di Nascita : 11/04/1983
    • Citta: Udine
    • Titolo: Dottorato di Ricerca
    • Codice fiscale: CLLLBT83D51L483P
    • PIVA: 02949490300